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    ★ 基本原則如下:

  1. 與人保持安全距離,必要時戴口罩以防口沫分濺。
  2. 勤用肥皂洗手,如果人在外無法做到,要用含60-70%酒精濃度的乾洗手液洗手。如果都做不到,用面紙擦拭並立即丟棄。
  3. 為防止病毒侵入,避面用手接觸臉部尤其是口,鼻及眼睛。

Advice from our Medical Team

    ★ The Basic Principles are

  1. Prevent aerosal spread by social distancing +/- face mask
  2. Keep hands clean by washing. If not possible, use 60-70% alcohol based hand sanitizer. If can't do both, use a tissue and dispose immediately
  3. Do not let microbes get access into our bodies. Therefore do not touch the face, especially eyes, nose and mouth.

Dr. Chiu from WCAC Medical Team: I would like to advise people not to go to a hotel if they are sick or send their sick loved ones to a hotel. If they strictly follow social distancing and scrupulous hygiene, they can protect their loved ones in the same house. Unlike Asia, we have more space in our house. Relatives of close contacts die likely because not following social distancing.

    Why going to a hotel is a bad idea.

  1. Put people at risk
  2. Encourage COVID-19 to spread because they will go un-announced.
  3. Bad witness as Christians. We should love our neighbours.
  4. WCAC will carry a bad name for decades if not centuries. Will definitely hinder advancing the gospel.
  5. Increase xenophobia and racial conflicts.
God is so smart and kind. He is personally making us think about what He said in the bible when we turn away from the bible: priorities in life, death, salvation, what we shouldn't eat and hygiene.